I wish I could change the world. The world we live in now is filled with poverty, vengeance, bad politics and anything and everything done for the sake of earning more money.

Today the world has become perilous to live in. And even worse the media and Internet exaggerates small mess to an extent that it negatively effects people’s lives. These technologies are good as long as it doesn’t change the way we think. The news media has become an integral part of our life that we start thinking the way the news is projected. See the debates that’s on all the news channel. They literally fight on the screen just to make their point and don’t even have the courtesy to listen to their peers. The host doesn’t allow anyone to complete their point. He is more concerned on the TRP ratings their channel gets making it more interesting (in a negetive way) than something that would have been more useful to the society. These news channels are again linked to some or the other political parties and so they try to criticise others even if they talk good for the benifit of the society. People like us are forced to believe what’s shown in these channels.

I live in India and it’s such a menace here. The government, the corrupt politicians and the blind faith towards some religious good for nothing babas who mint money making their followers believe whatever they do. We have so many languages and we should be proud of it. But here the people are fighting over the languages and authorities decide who should talk which language. It’s sad people are losing their government jobs just because they have migrated or transferred to the city and don’t know the local language. This has happened in the city of Bangalore. Either they have to learn the local language or they are gonna lose their job.
Are Indians intolerant? Yes, the way things are happening in India, we definitely are intolerant. What can be done to sort these out? Are these things happening only in India? Things I mentioned here are mostly specific to India but all across the world some or the other vandalism is going on. I started with how I wish to change the world. No, it’s not happening. Humans have become animals and it’s time for the nature to wipe all of them out.

Let’s start a new beginning!