Its funny when you see misunderstandings between people in a family or between friends ultimately leading to fights.

People start fighting over simple issues. They don’t realize it’s the way they think and they try to win their thoughts. Both may be right in their own perspective, but they can’t accept each others view. Rather than trying to understand, they try to argue and win over their thought and in that process use words that hurt others. Like the saying goes, some words when spoken can’t be taken back, some people can’t forget what other said long back. Whenever there is an argument, they bring up all the old topics to make the atmosphere even more worse.

I think the only solution is to have more patience and try to see from others shoes. Then you might see that yeah! it can happen that way as well or what he or she is telling is also logical. And you can let the other person know about your views as well, if he or she is willing to listen. If a person is not even trying to understand what you have to say and keeps arguing to win his or her thoughts, then I don’t think there is any use in discussing that subject unless you want to ruin the atmosphere.