Sometimes its better to stay away from the loved once. It gives you time and space to think over what you did and why it went wrong and how the situation could have been handled and next time to stick by it when something of that sort happens…

Sometimes its those small little words you say, though you don’t mean, but knowingly or unknowingly you hurt your loved once to an extend that they stop talking to you for hours, but ultimately, you know they get back to you because they love and care about you.

Sometimes things go wrong because you are so much into yourself that you don’t see from other people’s perspective. You become so self centered that you forget what others care.

Sometimes you take things for granted and expects people to agree with whatever you are doing and then hurt them since you never checked with them before you even let your thoughts materialize..

But, when you’re away from them, you let them know only things what makes them happy. So, most of the time, you are far from troubles that you are in when you are near to them. So, sometimes its better to delay things rather than following your thoughts which others around you might not approve off.