Last month end, I was facing hard time with no water at my place and had to buy from external sources. Well, this month, ie. yesterday night, around 12:00 am (ie. today early morning), all of a sudden our water tap shot out off the wall, hit the door opposite and water started gushing out of the pipe. I was asleep, but Dimpzy was reading some book in the center hall and the sound of the tap hitting the door was in such a great force that she thought the gas cylinder exploded or something.. Adjacent to the door was our fridge and the water was pouring on it and I didn’t hear anything even though Dimpzy was screaming for me. Finally, I don’t know how, I woke up and went to the kitchen and saw the whole mess.. Dimpzy was trying to cover the broken end of the pipe with some clothes and other stuff and the water just doesn’t like to stop pouring on her.. She was screaming something, but I couldn’t hear and the kitchen floor and center hall was half flooded with water. Since its a new place, I didn’t know where to switch off the water from entering our apartment. So, i started searching for it and found the switch for the water pump and turned it off so that nobody can switch ON the water pump until we get it fixed. Since the water was full in the tank, there was no way that water can be stopped unless the whole tank gets empty.. So, I got in and held a plate against the water so that it falls into the water sink till the whole water gets drained out from the tank. Meanwhile, Dimpzy started cleaning, rather I should say throwing water outside from hall and kitchen. Luckily, it didn’t reach the electronic equipments that’s on the floor in the hall. Oh! man, that would have been really dangerous if water had reached near any electronic stuff which can even kill us in the worst case. Or else, if we both were sleeping, then we would never come to know unless the water gets into our room or there is a current passing through the water which could turn out to be real bad. Last month when water was short, literally I prayed not to face this situation again and now, I can only smile thinking what happened yesterday night. Blessed with gushing water all over the apartment.. haha 🙂

In the mean while when i was draining the tank by nudging the water to the sink, I asked Dimpzy to get my cam to take some snap. You should have seen her face. She was all in red with anger as the water was everywhere and it won’t stop… LOL.. I can’t move from that place since I am holding a plate against the water.. Finally, I somehow coaxed her to get the cam and she took some quick snaps and started cleaning for next couple of hours. It took like 1.5 hrs for the water to drain out completely and we had real fun with water for few hours last night.. hehe

Finally, around 10am, I got the tap fixed and now everything is fine. Good experience huh!

Check out the snaps:

Water Flowing Water Gushing Out See the broken pipe in my hand