I’ve always been a figure freak. Nope, not what you think, like being a hunk or something like that.. Its just that I get really pissed and frustrated if I feel that I am putting on weight. For me, its important that my waist size remains 32 all time and no flabs around my tummy. But, lately, I think I’ve been putting on weight and was getting irritated by myself every now and then. Last week I started to work out and you won’t believe that I’m feeling great and sure that in a months time, I am gonna be back in good shape… So, girls, I am coming.. (hushhhh! my wifey is watching.. hehe)

Does married guys become lazy? Answer is mostly, YES! But, why is that? I think before marriage you do everything yourself and all of a sudden, after marriage, you have your spouse to help you out and do things for you, which eventually makes you lazy and happy, in a way you might put on weight. But, I have got my sweetheart, who force me to work out everyday and i love it. Yeah! I am also a bit lazy nowadays, like after my office hours, I am lazy to go workout though I know I have to, otherwise, I am sure to spoil the evening, or cursing myself of having more food and the feeling that you have to carry your belly wherever you go. But, yeah! as I told you, my wifey forces me and so, once I reach the gym, I am all set… and after coming back, it really feels great and all fired up.. LOL.

By the way, another great change is that I have cut down on junkies.. I never cared for my food and if you have ever heard about guys who have their food on their way to office, while driving, or have their evening tea while walking, that was me. But, lately, this habit has changed a lot, though I couldn’t control avoiding pastry’s and ice-creams. And when it comes to ice-creams, my better half doesn’t stop me from having it ‘coz she is an ice-cream freak.