I started my journey with my friends to Goa on 29th of December, 2006 around 9:30pm. There wasn’t any flight tickets or bus tickets available since it was the holliday season. So, ultimately, we had to board a train to Margao which is like more than 15 hrs of travel and that too was really tiresome. I didnt even take a shawl or sweater or even a jacket since i was assuming that Goa should be hot and there is no need to carry any woolen stuffs. My bad, it was so freeking cold at night during the train journey that i was shivering like anything. Seeing me shivering, my friend, Sam gave me her woolen cloth to cover myself and I was comfortable, at least from the cold, but from the musical snoring of people sleeping around. It was so annoying. Thought we all got a berth to sleep, I just couldnt sleep with all the snoring and farting.. Anyways, i plugged in my ipod and enjoyed the music and videos and somehow made up till morning. The train, Chennai – Vasco da Gama, was dead slow and it reached Margao the next day afternoon around 1:20pm.

from-the-train.jpg rockyhills.jpg water-stream.jpg
One of our friend had arranged a flat for us and so, we started to that place and that place was in between Calangute Beach and Baga Beach. We tried renting 4 bikes for 3 days, but we couldnt find even a single one since all the bikes in that area was booked or already taken off by tourists. Its easy to travel via bike on roads of Goa since the traffic is so horrible. Worse than in Bangalore during New Year. We didnt get any bikes and so we went to our flat, and then after getting fresh n’ up, we went to Calangute Beach, also known as the Queen of beaches which is on the shore of Arabian Sea, under the shade of palm trees. It was a really good one with all kind of water sports. Anyways, we didn’t have much time to stay that day since we had planned to go to a good Club cum dining called Tito’s Club for party animals and Tito’s restaurant for dining. The place was awesome and i liked how everything was aranged with plants and trees between the open dining place and the ambience was perfect. It was all green with perfect lightings.

tomanatitos.jpg tomnetaliatitos.jpg
You have to go check the place to understand its beauty and its located on the Baga beach, a small but perfect beach located between its two more famous cousins, Colva on one side and Calangute on the other. You might want to check out Tito’s site @ http://www.titosgoa.com/. After dining at Tito’s, we started to another club called Club Havana near Candolim Beach. It was an open Discothèque and was a great one. We all friends had great time dancing and drinking out there till next day morning.

samsojnetali.jpg aname2.jpg smi-and-soj.jpg aname.jpg aname3.jpg club.jpg jamiesamtom.jpg smi-sam-and-ana.jpg sam1.jpg sojhiradjamie-and-smi.jpg tom-vikas-and-netalia.jpg

Around 6am, I went back to my flat and slept till 9:30 am and then went to Calangute beach which is near to my flat. We got some bed and umbrellas and i rested there till evening sunset.

sojbeach.jpg hoosna.jpg beach2.jpg beach1.jpg cathey.jpg parachute1.jpg
Its 31st evening and we all were really excited to go to Club Cabana, which is located on top of the Arpora Hills with laser lights that split the night sky wide open. In one sentence, i would say its way more better than Tito’s club. So, you can imagine how the club is. Its expensive and only allowed couples for the new year. They charge 3000 INR for one person, so for a couple its 6000 INR. Once inside, you can have as many Pizza’s as you want and also as many drinks as you want and dance to tune of music with rap artists and international DJs till morning 6 or 7 am.

starsleaves.jpg soj-and-sam.jpg newyear-lazer.jpg tom-jamie.jpg me-and-tom.jpg group.jpg aguyjamieme.jpg group1.jpg jamie-his-best.jpg tom.jpg thomasnjamie.jpg smitopofjamie.jpg thomastomjamie1.jpg thomastomjamie.jpg tom-his-best.jpg firelights.jpg me-mehran-and-hirad.jpg me-with-mehrans-family.jpg img_0695.jpg newyear-fireworks.jpg newyear-fireworks1.jpg
The New Year party was really a kick ass one. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to Jamie, Tom and Samantha who asked me to join them to Goa for the new year.

Next day i went to Panjim to get tickets back to bangalore. I had to pay like 1300 for a ticket which i like double the usual rate for a seat. Anyways, i had to get back. I had some time till the bus starts, so went around and went to a spa where i had an oil massage. It was great, but i think it was too much oil and i caught cold and right now I am down with cold and fever. I’ll be fine in couple of days though. Nothing to be worried much. Anyways, I liked Panjim coz the roads are really clean and tidy. Took some snaps and headed back to bangalore.

panjim1.jpg panjim2.jpg panjim3.jpg panjim4.jpg panjim5.jpg panjim6.jpg panjim7.jpg panjim8.jpg panjim9.jpg

All my other friends stayed back at Goa so they can enjoy the entire week and pay less for the ticket back to Bangalore.

One thing i didnt like about Goa was basically wherever you go, you can see people taking drugs and walking back and forth dashing their head or just throwing themselves to the ground. Even a friend of mine who came down from New Jersey with whom i was staying had weed with him. So, basically as everyone says, Goa is a place where you can enjoy everything- drinks, drugs, partying, clubbing, girls and did i miss out anything, and best for sex too with people across the world especially for the new years eve.