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A fine Sunday!!! Woke up late in the morning and we 3 of us had breakfast at Forum, Transit.

transit.jpg transit1.jpg

Then we went to Bangalore Palace. The Bangalore Palace was built in the year 1887 by the Wodeyar dynasty. It is built similar to medieval castles in Normandy and England. It’s interiors boasts of elegant woodcarvings and Tudor -style architecture. The building stands in grandeur on palace grounds in the heart of the city. During a trip to England the King, Chamaraja Wodeyar was inspired by Windsor Castle in London, and along similar lines he built this palace in Tudor style. The palace was earlier surrounded by beautiful gardens in the midst of a vast open area, which have reduced considerably today. The structure has fortified towers and its interiors boast of elegant woodcarvings and Tudor-style architecture, complete with Gothic windows, battlements and turrets. This palace, is largely constructed of wood, and is famous for its carving and paintings. An exquisite door panel at the entrance leads to grand settings inside. The construction of this 45,000 sq ft palace cost just over Rs 10 lakh. Reverend Garret originally owned the land, on which the palace rests today. Located between Jayamahal and Sadashivanagar areas, the palace ground has become a venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs. The palace is truly a case of an architectural splendour. The Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda and expanded by Tippu Sultan. Within its walls is the well preserved 16th century Ganapathi Temple. Inspired by the Windsor castle, this palace was built complete with Gothic windows, the foiled windows, battlements and turrets resembling the Daria Daulat Palace in Srirangapatanam.

An interesting thing to note is that there exist a present king who lives in Mysore palace and he is a memeber of Parliament and also a fashion designer. These are some of the cool snaps of Bangalore Palace that we took. From outside it looks like this. Just a note for people who are visiting this palace. They charge you extra 500 bucks for using camera and the entry fee for Indian is 100 bucks and foreigners its 200 INR.

bglorepalace1.jpg bglorepalace3.jpg chariotsbglorepalace.jpg

The interior of the palace is really awesome. The celing, the wall etc are all designed with gold paintings. They are renovating some of the room though.

These 2 snaps are from the Kings Confrence room (Uti, me and Adriane)
bglorepalace7.jpg bglorepalace6.jpg

The one below is the seating arrangements in a courtyard.


There is a great dancing room where the royal people dance with their partners during their leisure hours.


The one you see below are real dead elephant trunks that was hunted years ago and some parts of the elephants are used as stools. Check the 2nd snap for stools made of Elephant feet. In the first pic, you can see a real dead head of an elephant.

adriaelephant.jpg elephantparts.jpg

These are the snaps of the kings who have ruled before and the 1st snap in the 2nd row, is the current king who is more than 50 years old. The second snap has the clocks used by the kings.

100_0888.jpg oldclock.jpg

The snap below shows the weighing machine and system for measuring heights.

weightuti.jpg heightadre.jpg heightsoj.jpg heightuti.jpg

Then we went to handicrafts and jewelers shop to check out Indian gold ornaments.

utigoldnecklace.jpg elephantchain.jpg utiganesha.jpg legs.jpg

We then headed to Iskcon temple. This is one of the best temple I’ve ever been to.

ISKCON temples are dedicated to Lord Krishna and were built by the Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna cult followers. These complexes are elegantly built and are few of the largest temple complexes in India. There are beautiful paintings of Russian artists on the different past times of Radha Krishna, Sita, Ram, Laxman, Hanuman and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Special programmes like Kirtan, Aarti, Pravachan and Prasadam are held every Sunday.

The ISKCON Temple in Bangalore was built recently by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. As you climb the granite steps you will encounter three small shrines before the main temple. The three idols of Lord Krishna in the main shrine are made of brass.

We are not allowed to take snaps of Iskcon temple, but somehow we managed to take one snap.


We bought 3 chains with Ganesha pendants and from the temple we put on each other’s neck as a symbol of friendship and to maintain the friendship for ever.

A snap of Ganesha chains on all 3 of us.


After that we went to Forum shopping mall to see a hindi Movie, Janeman. The german girls wanted to see an Indian movie and also wants to taste Indian food. So, we had a nice time later the night with beer and Indian cusine. They tought me a game called ‘mou’. Its basically a card game.

menuti.jpg 100_0930.jpg adriane-me-n-uti.jpg me-n-adriane.jpg adriane-me-n-uti-1.jpg adriane-me-n-uti-2.jpg

We didnt sleep the whole night and the next day, they headed to Mysore. Not sure if we will meet anytime, but i am hoping to meet both of them at some point of time.