I went to a post office in Bangalore today and i was really shocked that people sitting there were not able to understand English. They were asking me in their local language “Kannada” and i didnt understand a single word they said. Its really difficult in almost all government offices in Bangalore (may be its the same in other south Indian states to talk to others if you dont know the local language and moreover they take advantage of us not knowing the local language. I have faced the same problem when i went to Police station to get a foreigner friend register and also when i went to a government office to apply for VAT. Though Bangalore is known as the IT Capital of India, its funny that government guys hardly know to speak English. So, i always take my office boy whenever I go to any government office so that he can translate all what i say. Otherwise, i’ll have to learn the local language which i think is really hard.

Couple of the things i like about Bangalore is the climate, variety of restaurants. You get European, Koran, Chinese etc. You name it, you have it and yeah! its expensive though, atleast for Indians. Other good things about bangalore is that you can hang out in night clubs, shopping malls etc and I really love window shopping. The night life is not that interesting since the clubs closes by 11:30 or 12 am. Thats all due to political violence and also so much of theft going around.

What I hate about Bangalore is the roads and traffic. I can understand that with the city traffic and population growing exponentially it is difficult for the traffic department to keep pace with it, but the city has been growing for the last ten years and there doesn’t seem to be a concerted effort to ease the congestion in a systematic and a long-term plan for this is non-existent. I feel that the problem is due to two main reasons: bad road design & infrastructure and poor implementation of traffic rules. The traffic is excruciatingly slow-moving in the morning office hours and also in the evening. We call bangalore the IT capital of India and the road to ITPL at the mouth of the railway station is crazy. Add to it the U-turn provided right at that point. Had the road been a tad straighter, the life of the road users would have been a lot better. General public do not have any respect or fear of the cops and thus flout rules blatantly. The fault lies with the Police being very prone to taking bribes instead of imposing heavy fines on the defaulters, thereby losing respect and credibility.