Today is saturday. Slept till 9am and woke up with a bad headache. May be coz i slept late last night and was with my laptop the whole time. Today I had my first Router labs till 12 noon. Just finished watching a movie “The Family Stone” (A good comedy one). Coke after coke!!! I think i am addicted to coke now. Have to fill my stomach now! May be a pizza might help. Oh! btw, today i walked on the railings of a 5 storeyed building. I think I was bored. May be i’ll hit the bed again and sleep for the rest of the day. Not feeling like doing anything. Or, may be I’ll just try to walk upside down on my hand. Or if I want to go more crazier, I’ll watch the cartoon “SouthPark”. That’s the best cartoon I have ever seen.